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Online Learning Courses

With the large number of coaching and leadership development programs out there it can certainly be confusing as to which is good/better/best. What if each simply had a different focus? With a vast array of specializations available, the objective 30,000-foot view of coaching and leadership can get lost in the noise.

From the 30,000-foot perspective, you will notice that the positioning is frequently between educational and transformational. The question here is which are you ready for? What level of work are you ready to offer your clients? What level of support do you want to offer? Since you cannot take them where you haven’t gone yet, are YOU ready for transformational work? Are you ready to go to levels that may be new to you?

Simply put, transformational work encompasses working wholistically with your clients. Education expands the mind, transformational work both expands and integrates the heart, soul, mind, and passion to a level of cellular and paradigm shifts. Because we are all holograms, our physical health is impacted as well. Whether you are a leader or a coach, certain skills are required to excel at what you are doing.

Those skills require you to be solid, confident, and self-aware, if you are to have the ability to respond versus react consistently; to see what can’t be seen and hear what is not being said. When you truly are present, you can recognize when something you or a client does or says, insinuates, shows denial, touches a trigger, wounds you, or generates self-doubt. Ignoring those reactions, pretending you have “processed it already” or don’t need to look at it, causes you to close off a piece of who you are – a piece that is now no longer available to you, your personal relationships, or those you work with. Everyone loses. Know that your energy and vibration reflect how alive and present you are far more than your words do.

Learn to recognize when they are not congruent with where you want to be while developing the tools needed to shift and grow to match the vibration that most reflects your higher self.

Mindful Lifestyle

Mindfulness, is the first step in the process of transformation. It calls you to be present enough that you can feel when you are lonely, depressed, or anxious. In addition, if you default to places of abandonment, depression, grief, or anxiety, being mindful of your physical response to stimuli before you react can support you in catching yourself quickly and implementing the safeguards needed.

6 Modules, 6 Hours Training, Worksheets, Activities

Bonus Module - Vulnerability

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Take your Mindfulness to the next level of awareness and transformation. Understanding when you go to that 3 yr. old place, that 13 yr. place, and so forth, allows you to recognize instantly that you are in your child-state woundedness and defense. In that moment, you are betraying the man or woman you have become with all the gifts, strategies, wisdom, and learnings you have acquired. The same holds true for when you go into defiance, collapse, exhaustion, and/or the illusionary victim/powerless trap. Being able to recognize those emotional reactions and knowing how to nurture yourself out of them, is a gift you can give yourself daily. Being able to instantly recognize when you go there, prevents so much embarrassment and the need to apologize later quickly.

6 Modules, 6 Hours Training, Worksheets, Activities

Choosing a State of Being

Decide to powerfully and consciously
connect you to who it is you want to be on any given day and how you want to walk through the rest of the planet... If today, you want to spend the day in a State of Gratitude – go for it...

If you have a major meeting and want to walk in your full power as a State of Being, go for it!

If seeing a piano or hearing a song, calls you to want to spend the day as if you are staring in the theater, being outrageous, and in joy, make that choice. You decide how you want to walk through the world each day.

7 Modules, 5 Hours of Training, Bonus Worksheets

Enroll in All Three Courses

You can purchase one or all of the above courses. It is totally your choice. Go for it and simply choose what it is that you most specifically want or buy them all and get a jumpstart away from reacting, so that consciously responding to everything the world sends your way becomes a way of life.

"Dorothy Martin-Neville has made a tremendous positive impact on my life. As a student in the Program, I found Dorothy to be a compassionatetherapist and a brilliant and insightful educator. Dorothy believes in her students andtheir potential. I look forward to continuing my studies with Dorothy in the fall."

~Donna Page, Simsbury

“Thank you” are not really the words I would pick, but at the moment they are all I can find. You are the most amazing, inspirational leader and role model I have ever met. Whatever I did to have found you, I am so happy I did it. You make me want to be better. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and with so many others. If they don't know it yet, they will figure out how lucky they are to have you in their lives. I am inspired by you. With gratitude and love ~Sara Barron

Level One Certification W.I.S.E Method

In order to best support your clients and/or employees going to that next level, you must have been there first. Consequently, some personal healing work of your own may occur as you learn how to work with others at this far deeper level.

This program will support you in understanding the energy, fears, defenses, masks, and strengths you and/or your clients or employees bring into every interaction. You will also see, as I stated above, that no matter how much you educate your clients, how great a business or marketing plan you help develop, or what systems and protocols you create, if their wounds and the stories they tell themselves about being failures etc. are not addressed, your work is educational not transformational.

Transformational work opens them up to the growth and wisdom needed to take them and their business or careers to the next level. Since you cannot take them where you have not been, now is the time to fly into your career or business while you support them in doing the same.

Hit the link below and check out our program designed just for you!!!!

Our comprehensive program offers you:

  • The opportunity to develop and master essential leadership and coaching skills, enabling you to inspire and motivate others to reach their full potential.

  • A globally recognized certification that will enhance your credibility and attract clients, setting you apart as a sought-after expert in your field.

  • A supportive, empowering community of like-minded women who share your passion for growth and transformation.

  • Access to ongoing professional development, resources, and networking opportunities to help you stay at the forefront of the leadership and coaching industry.

Module One

Foundations of Women's Leadership & Coaching: Learn the core principles, theories, and practices of effective leadership and coaching, specifically tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women.

Module Two

Emotional Intelligence & Empathy: Discover how to harness your emotional intelligence and develop deep empathy to create powerful, meaningful connections with your clients and team members.

Module Three

Effective Communication & Active Listening: Master the art of clear, persuasive communication and active listening, enabling you to facilitate powerful conversations that drive change and growth.

Module Four

Building Resilience & Overcoming Obstacles: Uncover strategies for cultivating resilience and overcoming obstacles, both for yourself and for those you lead and coach.

Module Five

Empowering Others & Creating High-Performing Teams: Learn how to inspire, empower, and support others to unlock their full potential, creating high-performing teams and fostering a culture of success.

Module Six

Building Your Coaching Practice & Branding: Develop your personal brand and coaching practice, leveraging effective marketing strategies to attract and retain clients who value your expertise and guidance.

Meet Dr. Dorothy

What we being to the table as coaches and as leaders is defined primarily by our values and our strengths. In my work with clients, problem solving, providing a radically different perspective, brain storming, being a sounding board, and, always, being a catalyst for change are skills that are important to me and consequently part of what I bring to the table as a leader and as a coach. The values that give them significance are what drive me, however. As a wholistic practitioner, I recognize that every decision we make, every feeling we have, and every belief, conscious or unconscious, has an impact on us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically. Our health on every level is dependent upon our health on the others. There is no such thing as impacting only one level in health or dis-ease, consequently, in my life, and the life of my clients, I am always looking at the whole package of lived values.

We have business values, where our careers fit in our lives and how we want to live them. Personal values that govern how we do relationships, view the world, and live our personal journey. Living those values is what brings us peace, joy, and success. Betraying those values is what brings anxiety, depression, and the tendency to get lost in our self-created lifestyle.

Join me in leadership of self first and you will be amazed and the energetics that show up!

Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville



Your Choice

Leadership is not a position. We all know people in leadership roles who have no clue how to lead. Leadership is a chosen way of life.


What's Your Impact?

For every physician I taught the method of integrative health I developed, there were probably 1,000 or more patients he or she impacted over their career. I impacted one, he or she impacted thousands.


State Of Being

For many of us, there is a belief (or illusion) that when we are truly present our mood, energy, and focus is dependent upon, or greatly impacted by, the many interruptions, individuals, and circumstances that come our way on a moment-to-moment basis


Are You Listening Or Hearing?

“I don’t see good guys or bad guys, I see folks who are learning to dance to the same rhythm and at times folks needing to learn new steps since one partner is changing.”


Your Call To An Expanded Purpose

Have you noticed that if you followed your heart when you began working, or perhaps chose to listen to your heart later, that at some point you still may have found yourself surviving rather than living? You were doing what you loved and chose yet somehow it didn’t seem to fit any more? What a gift…


What Are You Connecting With?

Are powerful women in authority really like a fox in a hen house, out to get all those around them as one was told, or are they more like the farmer who is calling all his/her hens and chickens to grow continuously, while keeping the “fox” of self-betrayal, self-illusions, and overwhelm from ruining the scene?




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